Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dudes, Where's Your Sense of Merriment?

The Virginia wingnut faction of the blogosphere has gone ballistic lately.

You see, that dastardly Raising Kaine has been having fun at the expense of George 'Macaca' Allen.

[I]n case you're wondering what kind of dirty-tricks we're talking about here, ask yourself what you would say if someone identified a counterprotest of a rally of ethnic minority groups as a -- and I kid you not -- a monkey fest ? Who did this? None other than Democrat Webb booster Lowell Field.
Well guys, it sure was great cheer when only two years ago Republicans went around poking fun at John Kerry during the 2004 presidential race. Oh yes, the Democratic presidential candidate with his flip-flopping ways even had his own surf board on the presidential Web site, flopping and flipping, of course.

Where's your spirit...? Gosh, I sure hope it's not gone because Goober just had his race downgraded...

Or because the Washington Times wrote a favorable story....

Or because Webb has a new television ad with Pres. Ronald Reagan singing his praises...

To try to spin "monkey-fest" as some racial animus by Raising Kaine is walking away from the national monkey-fest by the media as a result of Allen's insensitive comments (and that's being charitable).

But cheer up! Your nightmare as well as ours will soon end in 60 days; and as to the blogger who writes that "Democrats are getting tired of the free-for-all mudslinging Jim Webb's netroots co-ordinator is marshalling," name names or go Cheney yourself.

Isn't it amazing. Allen calls a brown-skinned man a monkey and assumes he is not an American as a result of his color, and some ethnic minorities are "offended" at the resultant mockery of this.

Talk about "turn the tables"!

I agree with VC, let the GOP bloggers continue to urge the MSM to write even more articles about "Monkey-Gate"!
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