Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CQ Upgrades Virginia Senate Race

Sen. George Allen's troubled campaign is creating national ticks AND revisions. .

Congressional Quarter just upgraded Democratic chances in Virginia.

CQ writes, Webb's "strong criticism of Allen’s support for Bush’s handling of the war and his relentlessness in taking the fight to the incumbent have raised his stock among Democratic insiders."
This, in turn, could help Webb address perhaps his biggest shortcoming against Allen: in campaign fundraising.
Today the Richmond Times-Dispatch bemoans the current state of campaign affairs; they'd like Webb and Allen to focus on the war on terror and other GOP issues -- of course, failing to mention the giant elephant in the room, Bush's deadly and costly war in Iraq with no end in sight (so much for their credibility).

Well, with Allen's dismal performance on "Meet the Press" and bizzare outrage on Monday, of course GOPers and their media shills want to switch the debate; after all, could things get any worst for Allen and his rabid supporters?

Oh yea, when the next round of polls comes out.

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