Thursday, September 28, 2006

“By thy deeds thy shall be known.”

Sen. George Allen would like Virginians to forget past deeds when forming an opinion about charges that he habitually peppered his language with the N-word; or whether the latest trumped tale of me-too racism lobbed by his campaign at Webb is true.

In the past, the junior senator has had a long affair with racism and its symbols. On the other hand, Webb has had a history of advancing racial equality and justice for all.

Indeed, while Allen was busy clothing himself with the Confederate flag, hanging a noose in his office and campaigning on the back of Willie Horton with his ‘truth in sentencing’ sloganeering relegating mostly people of color to lengthy prison sentences without hope of parole, Jim Webb was defending a poor black soldier charged with war crimes and fighting for the inclusion of an African-American soldier in the Vietnam War Memorial.

By seeing farther than the eye hath shown.
They look into the beauty of thy mind,
And that, in guess, they measure by thy deeds;
Then, churls, their thoughts, although their eyes were kind,
To thy fair flower add the rank smell of weeds:

William Shakespeare from Sonnet 61-90

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