Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bubba Strikes Again

Only a few days ago, Howling Latina wrote a post about George Allen and his horse, Bubba.

Looks like she wasn't the only person who thought it might be a good idea for Allen to get off his high horse and walk amongst "real" Virginians.

In an article this morning, the Washington Post writes:

Last week, as he has for years, Allen put on a cowboy hat and saddled up a horse -- this time named Bubba -- to ride in Buena Vista's annual Labor Day parade. Allen, who was born and raised in California, rode down the parade route greeting the Shenandoah Valley crowd by saying, "Howdy! How y'all doing? Good to see y'all."

When the image was broadcast, one longtime Allen supporter said he cringed. "Seeing him with a horse called Bubba wearing cowboy boots, that doesn't resonate with us," said Terone Green, a Republican activist from Richmond who is black.

Green added: "He needs to revamp his whole operation. . . I have never seen it this bad. I have friends who are just so anti-[Allen] now."

Yep, it's time for the fake cowboy to take his rodeo act on the road for good -- to another state. Hey, didn't he always wish he were from Iowa?!?

Not going to happen, and I couldn't be happier:

"Allen rebuffed that advice, saying he lost his first campaign for the House of Delegates in 1979 after an adviser made him stop wearing his belt buckle and cowboy boots.

"The best advice I ever received from anyone was 'Just be yourself,' " Allen said."

That's right George, keep dissing your constituents, stealing legislation from your colleagues, and taking money from from corporations.
George Allen epitomizes a saying that I first heard when living in Idaho ... "all hat, no cattle".
Been a while since I stop by here but I remembered you keep Virginia covered pretty well. I saw a post you might be interested in with a "You Tube Video" concerning George Allen and VoteVets.
It's at Firedoglake. I guess the ad is running in Virginia already.
Welcome back, researcher.
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