Sunday, September 24, 2006

Breaking News!

Breaking news, conservative Virginia bloggers are A-holes, not A-teamers.

Breathlessly right-wing wackos report that Ingrid Morroy, the treasurer of Jim Webb's campaign, gasp....talks to Lowell Feld.

THE HORROR, the horror, lock the children up!

Of course Mr. Feld talks to Webb supporters, you band of idiots; and any supporter is always welcome to post on Raising Kaine when he or she can add context to a breaking stories, such as Allen hiding behind the skirt of his mommie to try to escape the shame and blame of his ill-timed tirade when a reporter asked him a perfectly legitimate question during Monday's debate.

Spin it any way you want, folks. But Sen. George Felix Mean Macacawitz, Jr. is going down. His phony persona is but a twinkle in the would-be president's eyes; nobody else is buying his schtick, anymore.

Whatever happened to that "clean" campaign that Allen promised us....

LOL...sounds like another empty promise from our soon to be unseated Senator...


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