Friday, September 01, 2006

Allen Withdraws Under Heat

With each passing day, Sen. George Allen is looking more and more like his namesake, Dubya. A chickenhawk who can't stop cackling.

That's right, on the heels of 'cutting and running' during his listening tour when he was greeted by two costumed protesters and skipped town, Allen has now decided to not accept the leadership award from the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund.

Allen cites "the needs of deserving students" who might be harmed by his attendance as his reason for declining. But the Washington Post ain't buying it.

Early into the story the Post writes that in a moment of candor, John Reid, an Allen spokesman, indicated the real reason; he told reporters the campaign didn't want the award and honor to "spi[n] into a week of controversy."

Yep, after a month of macaca, Allen sure didn't need the bad P/R to push his poll numbers further down.

But hell, Allen probably didn't want to end up with a couple of custard pies thrown his way ALA Ann Coulter, either (one of the folks Allen says 'gets it'). Or at minimum, to get booed out of the ceremony while the media gloated and reported.

In any event, Mr. Macaca has one more day in the public limelight. HL supposes any Allen story will now be prefaced with news of his good buddy.

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