Thursday, September 28, 2006

Allen is Busted by the Washington Post

Oh my dear dumb “macaca,” did you really think you could walk away from your shameful racist past with some party loyalist spewing false claims that were totally outside the realm of Jim Webb’s core character?

The Washington Post front-pages today’s news conference by the Virginia chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans but then reveals something much, much, much more interesting.

It seems that little story about Jim Webb running amok through the streets with rifles aimed at the folks who lived in Watts has now been debunked by a dose of reality.

Thursday, a former roommate of Webb's challenged a report that Webb had used the N-word and harassed blacks. An associate of Webb's, Dan Cragg, told the Post on Wednesday that Webb told him he took drives through the black neighborhood of Watts, where he and members of his Reserve Officer Training Corps unit used racial epithets and pointed fake guns at blacks to scare them. Cragg was referred to the Post by the Allen campaign.

Oleg Jankovic, 60, said he was Webb's roommate in 1963 and 1964.

"No. No. It just wasn't happening," Jankovic said of Cragg's allegation. He said Webb once shot rifles into the air from the top of a dorm, but never drove through Watts with one or yelled epithets. "No. Absolutely not."

Hopefully, this latest fraudulent ploy by Allen will be the final straw to weigh in favor of an endorsement by every black legislator in Virginia's General Assembly.

Meanwhile, news of the latest credible first-hand witness, Patricia Waring, is also featured in the story. Waring flat-out contradicts Allen's lying assertion.

[A]nother person emerged on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" to accuse him of using the N-word.

Patricia Waring, who described herself as the wife of Allen's rugby coach in law school, said she overheard Allen repeatedly using the epithet during a rugby match in 1978. She said she confronted Allen at the time, urging him not to use that word.

"I heard to my left, the N-word, and I heard it again, and I looked around and heard it again," she said. "And there was this fellow sitting on the ground. He was putting on red rugby shoes -- it is seared in my brain, believe me. And he was kind of showing off, I guess, but he was telling a story and . . . in the story was a lot of N-words."

Now, when asked to comment about this latest witness, Allen's campaign manager Dick Wadhams replied: "It's the latest false accusation. It's patently untrue, made by a self-confessed partisan liberal Democrat."

Yep, they're all a bunch of lying liberals: Patricia Waring, Oleg Jankovic, Doug Thompson, Ellen Hawkins, George Beam, Christopher Taylor, Ken Shelton and Larry Sabato; every last one of them.

Let's face it, folks. Jim Webb's spirit is too powerful for the likes of Allen to triumph. Webb ain't like any person Allen has ever politically faced before.

He ain't no Mary Sue Terry who hardly riveted the progressive base with her stupid claim about capital punishment that innocence was irrelevant; or even former Sen. Chuck Robb who'd been whacked too many times by too many rumors for too many years.

Jim Webb is morally upright, his core is strong and this latest Allen ploy only serves to prove to Virginians that they really didn't know Allen, after all. You see, the junior senator is a lying vermin and now folks know it!

To be fair, Jankovic's defense of Webb does not mean that Webb didn't do what he is accused of. We Democrats are constantly pointing out that Allen's character witnesses were not present for the incidents he is accused of and that their words are therefore meaningless. Thus we ought to apply the same standard to our own candidate.

What I do find fishy is that when Cragg presented the transcript of that interview from 1983, there wasn't a word in there about the alleged ROTC incidents. I wouldn't call Cragg a liar because it was a very long time ago and he did interview a number of veterans at that time. It's not unlikely that Cragg confused a story from another interviewee with one from Webb. Absent any corroboration of the story, this is what I would assume is that case for the moment.
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