Wednesday, September 13, 2006

About State Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert's Endorsement

A lot has been written about the recent endorsement by Democratic State Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert, III of Sen. George Allen.

Nice for the Washington Post to point out that Lambert is black, which in Howling Latina's mind makes Lambert's endorsement even more bizzare and at odds with Allen's racist worldview and past racist deeds.

Lambert claims that he supports the sudden trailblazing civil rights advocate/senator because Allen has "delivered on [his] promises to support Virginia's [h]istorically [b]lack [c]olleges and [u]niversities."

Hmmm, so never mind the noose, the confederate flag, his horrible track record on legislation or anything remotely to do with his Allen's blatant racist past; all is forgiven.

Now, with little knowledge of intimate Richmond political intricacies where Lambert hails from, a little insight is needed. Please read the post by Virginia J. Paige; and the great comments that link Lambert's past support of Miller, Webb's primary opponent, with previous verbal attacks by Lambert of George Allen during the same campaign.

Folks, Webb is not going to kiss anyone's ass to be Virginia's next senator; and that includes EVERYBODY, WHITE OR BLACK! He wants your vote -- just not by pandering.

Any person who wants to know about Jim Webb and his previous record on race relations, just read about the time Webb defended a greenhorn black Marine who had been convicted of mass murder.

Samuel Green had been convicted of war crimes during Vietnam, and while working for the Navy, Jim Webb came across his file; as a third year law student at Georgetown University, Webb filed a federal lawsuit to have the guilty verdict vacated. He argued that the jury pool should, at minimum, have included one "infantryman with combat experience."

Webb lost the case; however, in a personal letter to then Navy Secretary J. William Middendorf, the judge recommended that Green be given amnesty. Unfortunately, the judge received a form letter for his troubles and a month later, Green committed suicide.

Almost every other attorney would have simply chalked up the events to yet another Vietnam tragedy and moved on. But not Jim Webb.

In 1978, Mr. Webb went to the Board of Correction of Naval Records in a last-ditch effort to upgrade Mr. Green's dishonorable discharge to a general discharge.

"Eight years after the shootings and three years after Green's suicide, Mr. Webb wrote to Mrs. Green: 'At last Sam's name is cleared. This is a small solace, I know. ... I only regret we were unable to do more for him sooner,'" Mr. Timberg wrote.

Mrs. Green responded with a Christmas card: "My son Samuel Jr. is happy in heaven and grave about this."

Webb is a man of integrity who lets his biography speak of the man; he is not 'the politics as usual' candidate, and HL is proud to call him our our Democratic Senate candidate.

As to any elected Democratic official who endorses the uber-conservative, racist guy from the other party, that endorsement is inexcusable. Period.

Yes, Lambert deserves a primary challenge next time around of the kind Mr. Albert Wynn got by way of Donna Edwards; as we speak, Wynn is fighting for his political life with less than 2000 votes separating him from Edwards and provisional and absentee ballots from Montgomery County, Edwards' stronghold yet to be counted.

No frigging excuses; if you can't support the Democratic candidate, you don't deserve the Democratic brand.

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