Thursday, August 03, 2006

You've Got Mail

AOL will now be providing free service to ANYONE who has high-speed connection with another provider.

During the last few years, AOL has been dropping subscribers like dog fleas after a shampoo bath; and AOL has decided to finally fight back.

Howling Latina is probably one of the few idiots who opted to keep her AOL account, even after signing up with Verizon's DSL so she could keep her e-mail account.

No mas!

The Washington Post reports this morning that in a "strategy shift," the company announced "it would give away e-mail accounts and other Internet services, such as parental-control and security tools, on its Web site over the next few weeks."

Sure enough, this morning, HL had mail from none other than Jon Miller, chairman and chief executive officer of AOL. He writes:

Dear AOL Member, I want to let you know about some exciting changes happening at AOL... Today we are announcing that AOL's software, email, and other compelling AOL features will be free to everyone who has an Internet connection -- including your Address Book, Screen Name, the Buddy List® feature and more. AOL will continue to provide a dial-up connection for you, and we will continue to offer several reliable and affordable options for getting online.
The Dulles-based company hopes it can "reinvent itself as millions of dial-up Internet users cancel their subscriptions and jump to high-speed connections."

Well, here's wishing AOL all the best with their new and long-awaited model of doing business. As the Post observes, AOL must compete in a "crowded marketplace" with many Internet providers vying for their customers.

Now, they can return the favor; as many previous AOL subscribers will surely admit, AOL screens are very user-friendly; and their spam filter is pretty darn good.

Yeah, I kept my AOL account, too. I was thinking about dropping it, but then thought of the hassle of letting everyone know a new email address. Besides, as old age creeps up on me it's just easier to remember the old one! I, too, now have free AOL. Although, with all the ads attached to the email messages you almost can't read the actual message!

Hey, if you haven't checked out the First Freedom First web site, please do! It's It's all about separation of church and state, and it would be fantastic if we could get thousands and thousands of people to sign on!

I've posted a permanent link to the web site on my blog!

A little behind reading my comments.

But...better late than never. Will check:)
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