Friday, August 18, 2006

Virginia Democratic House Candidate Faces Fine

Russ Moulton of Fredericksburg, the 1st District Republican chairman filed a complaint against 1st District House candidate, Shawn O'Donnell with the Federal Elections Commission.

According to a news item in the Daily Press, O'Donnell failed to file his quarterly report on time.

James Martin of The Virginia Progressive had earlier posted how much money Virginia candidates had raised during the last reporting period; and O'Donnell was missing from the list. Now we know why.

The fine of $800 is more of an embarrassment that anything else. But O'Donnell wasn't the only person to screw-up. In jumping the gun, Moulton also had to regroup; he had to refile his initial complaint because of a "discrepancy." Whatever that means!

Nonetheless, it's a tough break for O'Donnell, especially after the small wind at his back when his opponent, Republican Rep. Jo Ann Davis called for Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld to resign, flip-flopped and then said, "Ha- ha-ha, fooled you, I was just fooling!"

All right, folks, are you laughing or crying?

Dont quote me but i dont think Tim O'Donouhue (R) filed on time either.
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