Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Upbeat Webb Story on Fox News

From Sunday, Fox News posted a story on their Web site that shows Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb in a very favorable light.

Fox quotes Webb slamming the latest attempts by the White House to divert attention from strategic blunders in the Middle East and the exponential problems facing the country as a result of their miscues.

It's definitely worth a read; and here a few quotes to show why:

It has nothing to do with Joe Lieberman.

This is the Republican trap.

Don’t fall in.

“They have tried to keep it together -- they have to make it one in people’s minds in order to cover the strategic error of Iraq,” says James Webb, Democratic Senate candidate from Virginia, and former member of the Reagan administration.

From the very beginning, the Republican slip of hand has been to convince people that the war in Iraq was the answer to 9/11. It wasn’t. It isn’t. It never was.

Yes, siree, news about Webb is fanning out across the country; and the more people hear what he has to say, the more folks will be lining up behind him.

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