Saturday, August 19, 2006

Reptilian Harris Miller Where Are You?

If Howling Latina reads one more damn story about George 'Macaca' Allen's outrageous remarks last week that includes the goober senator's lame refrain that Webb is racist too and refers to the frigging Harris Miller flyer, she's going to explode.

Here's the "offending" flyer and a picture of Miller; you make the call.

During the primary, many Webb supporters thought Harris Miller wasn't a very honorable man; hell, more like the devil incarnate; and although HL supported Jim Webb, it wasn't personal for her, Webb was just the better candidate by legions.

But after more than a week of George Allen's minions harping on and on about a flyer that was merely a caricature of Miller, without even the tinsiest of exaggerations to any of his facial features, it's time for Harris Miller to find his voice, support Webb and stop the demagoguing by the Allen campaign.

Come clean, you used your Jewishness as a desperate last minute gasp to your losing campaign; that is, in hindsight and after carefully and closely examing the flyer, you do indeed find a remarkable resemblance to you and feel foolish for trying to make a federal case out of a caricature, which by its very nature is merely a comic representation.

I'm getting tired of the fake flier controversy myself. Harris Miller has to put a fast squelch on these fake talking points from Wadhams. It's geting utterly ridiculous now.
Harris Miller doesn't GOT to do anything. He ran in a campaign and he lost. He has publicly cast his support for Jim Webb, because that's what you're supposed to do.

I hardly think attacking a man while asking him to back Jim Webb is really going to go anywhere. Reptilian? Using his Jewishness?

There were many who were upset by that cartoon, including large donors. You think Miller is going to come out and go, "You know what? No biggie."

I mean, do you even hear yourself. Two months after the primary and you're still kicking a dead horse. Amazing.
My frigging God.

Wasn't the flyer allegedly anti-Semitic?????????

And what exactly is anti-Semitism, please pray do tell.

Harris Miller needs to make PUBLIC his support; you know, like make a well-placed call to a few REPORTERS! to me labeling his silence as Reptilian, hey, that's just my personal Constitutionally protected opinion.

So go Cheney yourself!
Oh, and read my post below which asks, "Why is referring to someone's ethnicity racist?"

I'm a Latina, and if I make an issue of someone being racist and slandering me in a cartoon for being a Latina, I hardly think it's an attack on my personhood when someone uses the label "Latina" to explain their position.

Refering to someone's Jewishness is not, repeat, NOT AN ATTACK!
Unless Harris Miller plans to run for office again in the near future, Harris Miller will remain silent on the issue. Remember, it was and still is, all about Harris Miller! Who needs him anyway!
It strikes me as unnecessary and unproductive to have this discussion. I was a strong Webb supporter during the primary campaign, but had it gone the other way I'd be enthusiastically supporting Miller.

Miller is a decent guy who was gracious in defeat and expressed proper support for Webb after the primary. Anything he does to help Webb between now and November would be greatly appreciated, but I see no requirement that he chime in on this particular controversy.

In fact, I believe that reviving this only assists Allen in trying to divert attention from his disgusting behavior down in Breaks. The Republicans want people talking about anything but what an obnoxious bully our ersatz cowboy Senator is. Don't help them divert people's attention.
I totally agree with FAquier.

Plus - even if Harris wanted to bring this up right now, he would be advised not to. Allen isn't getting any play out of this issue right now. Why draw attention to it by parading out people from the past?

If Allen hits the airwaves with this, that's when we fight back. But not before...
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