Sunday, August 20, 2006

No Strategic Vision for "Real America" & "Real Virginians"

In her lame way, Howling Latina has been well, howling, about how George Allen doesn't have one creative thought in his talking-point filled brain about ANYTHING.

And lo and behold, my favorite war hero mirrors my thoughts and exquisitely now gives them voice with his sage words.

In an interview with Daily Press, Webb notes, " The Founding Fathers intended that the Senate serve as a check on the presidency...I cannot identify one iota of George Allen's strategic vision, other than the talking points he's been given by the administration."

BRAVO, bravo, future SENATOR.

Webb went on to call for "Congress to prohibit any funding of permanent military bases in Iraq."
"If we're leaving, we don't need them, and it sends the wrong message," Webb said
Yes, Mr. President, tear down them walls; America doesn't need military bases in blood-soaked foreign soil.

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