Sunday, August 27, 2006

'Moonfruit' Moonstruck

Every other day or so, libel and litigation magnet Bruce Li tries his Doctor Claw, snake pit humor by photo shopping pictures of 50th District Democratic candidate Jeanette Rishell with captions that are as humorless to readers as Bush to his aides when cutting farts for cheer and fun.


And about as apropos to the subject. Both reveal jolly-making frat boys who are A-holes. I mean, let’s just ask: What does a “moon fruit” have to do with the price voters pay for gas at the pump? Or their daily four-hour commute? Or the county overcrowded schools? Or women’s reproductive freedom? Or every other issue under the moon faced by “real” Virginians as Sen. Allen (Felix, Macaca, Frenchie) Al-lahn likes to ask?

It seems Mr. Li (not his real name, of course) doesn’t really want to talk about the issues; he prefers instead to slap a label to Rishell and hope his puerile caper brings victory to his candidate in the fall.

You know, bring a certain inevitability about Jackson H. Miller that preordains his victory just as surely as all the good ol' flip-flop flopping for Bush in '04.

But before we ride the “fruitmoon” to the heavenly body of Spinsville, let’s hear the real buzz about the race from a "real" journalist in a local story.

A Democrat could take a bite out of the Republican stronghold that is the 50th District: Party members are poised for one of their own to win the district's special election.


There is the growing trend in Northern Virginia of Democrats moving in on Republican territory.

In the 2005 gubernatorial election, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, won Prince William and Loudon counties, a feat his Democratic predecessor, Mark R. Warner, was unable to achieve. Kaine also won one of the largest precincts in Manassas City.

Forget the partisan rantings of a hack. The 50th District has become increasingly Democratic. And even though House Speaker William J. Well, R-Stafford selected to hold the special election on the same say as the general election -- hoping that a larger and more favorable turnout would hand Republicans a victory -- with the latest ‘Macaca’ Allen brouhaha and President Bush’s approval numbers in the toilet, don’t hold your rant breath.

Nov. 7 just may be the perfect day for GOPers to be “moonfruit” struck as Rishell and Webb join the winners' circle with every other Democrat.

I am so annoyed that I didn't realize who you were at the party. So annoyed. So very very annoyed.
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With each visit, we will be following and filming a candidate through his or her day on the campaign trail. Also, there will be a 20-30 minute face-to-face interview where we will ask the candidate questions composed by both ourselves and other bloggers beforehand. These interviews will hit the web as video podcasts each night. During the evening, local bloggers will get together with Gary and Dante to discuss the impact of local blogging on political races, and to post diaries to both local and national political blogs. We would very much like for you to be a part of this exciting project!
Gary and Dante will be in your area from September 16 through September 20 to visit with Jim Webb and others in the DC area. Please let me know if you are able to participate so that we can make some more solid plans with you. Also, as we are on a netroots-shoestring budget, we are looking for volunteers along the way to offer a night or two of lodging and/or meals. Hey, every little bit will help!

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Mike (screenname: RNinNC)
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