Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Meet the Press" - Looks Like a Good One

After several weeks of lame guests, this Sunday "Meet the Press" should make for some real interesting viewing.

First at bat is Secretary of Homeland Insecurity Michael Chertoff to discuss any al-Qaeda ties, how well the United States is prepared to foil any similar attempts in the U.S., and how the planned British attack will change the way Americans travel abroad and at home.

Next up are Chair and Vice Chair of 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton. Russert will ask them how safe are Americans today? And of course, they'll also discuss their seminal book, "Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission."

In their book, both assert misstatements by the Pentagon and Federal Aviation Administration were so egrigious, the commission actually considered expanding its scope to include investigating the people who'd earlier testified before it. The authors admit former Mayor Rudy Giuliani received a pass on some of the hard questions related to 9/11 because of intense political pressure.

The final two guests are Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. Russert will ask them how the Lieberman primary loss, war in Iraq, code-red terror alert and apparent public wave against incumbency might affect the upcoming fall elections.

I'm telling you George S. show is getting better all the time. :)
On Meet the Press, the "Without Precedence" authors were bumped weren't they? So instead of the primary Sunday talk show exposing the Bush Administration for lying to the 911 Commission, we get another dose of fear mongering. It couldn't have worked out better for them if they had planned it.
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