Friday, August 25, 2006

Maybe the Bastard Finally Gets It

In reading today's news, Howling Latina came across the White House Briefing by Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post.

And for the absolute first time, a fortifying spirit bespoke, "Maybe at long last, the sob finally gets it!"

Indeed, in visiting the wife of a dead soldier in Maine, Bush might have unmasked the dim flickering light that proved he was human after all.

We can only hope...

Kevin Wack writes in the Kennebec Journal: "One anti-war widow said she used the opportunity to voice her objections to Bush's policies.

" 'I said it's time to stop the bleeding,' said Hildi Halley, whose husband, Army National Guard Capt. Patrick Damon, died June 15 in Afghanistan. 'It's time to swallow our pride and find a solution.'

"She said Bush responded by saying 'there was no point in us having a philosophical discussion about the pros and cons of the war.'

"The president became emotional, Halley said, when she tearfully described the impact her 41-year-old husband's death has had on herself and their two kids, ages 12 and 14, both of whom attended the meeting.

" 'He wept and hugged me and apologized for my pain,' Halley said."

Let the crazed madcap feel the full brunt of his misguided policies and the havoc and pain he has caused to thousands upon thousands of soldiers and their families because he stupidly listened to Darth-Cheney and his minions and decided it would be a swell idea to avenge his father's honor and go invade a country and then occupy it.

HL prays that Bush thinks long and hard about that poor widow and her two orphaned children.

Crocodile tears, I bet. I'm convinced the man has no soul. He sold it long ago.
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