Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jim Webb and South Dakota


Howling Latina just returned from a house party for the next Democratic delegate from Virginia's 50th District, Jeanette Rishell when good news on all fronts greeted my happy eyes.

As bloggers have been reporting, Webb is now set to pull off a stunning upset in November and defeat one-term Republican Senator George Allen.

In the latest WSJ/Zogby poll, Allen's lead has evaporated into thin air, much like former-Attorney General Jerry Kilgore who last August was already measuring curtains for the governor's mansion before reality hit him between his name-calling smile and eyes.

Jim Webb now leads Allen 47.6 to 46.6.

Virginia House Speaker William J. Well's ploy of setting Nov. 7 as the date for the special election is beginning to look dumb and dumber.

HL hasn't felt this deliriously gleeful in a very, very, very long time; and to make my evening complete, the Washington Post reports that South Dakota's idiotic abortion ban is going down to defeat, big time.

"A fresh poll suggests voters are inclined to oppose the law as too severe. In a late-July sounding, opponents of the ban held an eight-point lead, with 14 percent undecided."
Wouldn't it be just deserts if every deplorable state legislator who supported this terrible bill were to go down in defeat as well? HL definitely thinks it would only be fair for the law of karma to run its perfect course in both South Dakota and Virginia.

Where can I get more information on Jeanette Rishell?
The usual suspect, her Web site at

If you sent me your e-mail at, I can forward it to her campaign field director:)
And for the final blow, let's make Virginia the first state to say a resounding NO to the Hate amendment, aka the "Please don't read the second paragraph" amendment, aka the Marshall/Newman amendment.

Just like the South Dakota amendment that would force women to be incubators for their rapists, this one is mean, ugly, and goes so far that no rational person can vote for it.

Let's make sure the extremists and opportunists responsible for this get the message in every possible way that mean-spiritedness doesn't work anymore.

Everyone reading this can easily find ten people who will vote NO and send those names to the Commonwealth Coalition. Get more info here:
partying this weekend with my inlaws in Nashville. Mom and Dad are 85 and 80 years old respectively and they are firmly against this SD abomination of women's reproductive health issues.

me too.

great post Mimi. you rock.

Why do you think it was a "ploy" to schedule the special election on the normal election day?

Doing so saves money, and assures that a lot more citizens will participate in the election, making the result more reflective of the will of the people.

Why would anyone think that was a "ploy"?

I hope Sean can find the time to resign in time for the PWC board chair election to also be held on November 7th, for the same reason.

Elections are better when people show up.
The booze must've been particularly good tonight.
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