Thursday, August 24, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Contribute to Crime...?

Howling Latina was taking one final troll through the blogosphere before going to bed when wham, she read a post from that famous conservative blogger Black Velvet Bruce Li about how illlegal immigrants contribute to crime.

You see, a "13 year old girl featured in an 'Amber alert' last month was found in the bedroom of an illegal alien in Woodbridge."

Yep, and that proves without any shadow of a doubt that illegals are sexual predators.

Except...if we use BVBL's logic, then gosh, what does that say about whites? Or African-Americans? Or every ethnicity under the sun who ever committed a crime? Guess what? Crime knows no race, creed or color.

BVBL decries Jeanette Rishell for having the temerity to advance Latino causes and ask them to support her campaign; don't you know, they're all a bunch of criminals, to the last one!

Hmmm, by that measure, let's hope that her esteemed opponent never sullies his campaign with $$$ from any fellow officers. Why, that would be taking $$$ from criminal sexual predators, for sure.

After all, former Virginia State Trooper William A. "Buck" Carter was convicted of trading DWI tickets for sexual favors; and former commonwealth attorney Charlton E. "Charlie" Gnadt Jr., was convicted of fondling shackled male prisoners.

Talk about sexual predators! Oh, so typical of GOPers. I'm rubber, you're glue, everything I am bounces off me and sticks to you.

Mimi, BVBL is pretty much a lost cause when it comes to logic. He reminds me of the nativists of the last turn of the century who were anti-Italian, anti-Irish and certainly anti-Semitic.

They wanted to pull up the bridges and defend the moat from the incoming immigrants from Europe, most of whom became proud citizens and accomplished Americans who contributed immeasurably to our country.

I predict that someday very soon we'll all be seeing the same of Hispanics. The leading edge is already accomplishing a great deal. In areas with large Latino populations, we are seeing prosperous career people, dedicated public servants, and astute business people who are giving back to their communities.

They will make the BVBLs of the world look like the mean spirited bigots they are.
It’s no surprise that it’s surprising to some people to find agreement among several leading criminologists that immigration does not cause crime-and may even reduce it. None of them would argue that immigration is the most important factor everywhere.

Robert J. Sampson is a Harvard sociologist and lead author of a major recent study on the topic, published earlier this year. Sampson and his colleagues followed a diverse group of nearly 3,000 Chicago youths from 1995 to 2002, and found that immigrant kids were less likely than peers of similar socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in everything from gang fights to arson to purse snatchings. Not only that, but even nonimmigrant kids who happened to live in immigrant neighborhoods were less likely than otherwise to be involved in violence.

In Sampson’s study, simply being a first-generation immigrant, no matter what one’s parents’ marital status or one’s education level, made one less likely to end up committing a violent crime. And while the immigrants in Sampson’s sample were predominantly Latino, the trend also held for the African and Caribbean immigrants he followed.
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