Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Howling Latina can still remember the dog days of summer when former Republican Gov. James Gilmore was in a tight race and brilliantly came up with the insane idea of doing away with the car tax.

He went on to win by a landslide.

Of course, Virginia almost went bankrupt under Gilmore's reckless stewartship; but the GOPers won so many local elections with this gimmick, they're now a political institution with control of both the House and Senate.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been patiently winning one race at a time and climbing back from the pit of irrelevancy.

This year, the party has one more great opportunity to continue to build momentum from the past going into '07.

In a special election after Harry J. Parrish died, the Democratic candidate for the 50th House District is Jeanette Rishell; her GOP opponent is Jackson H. Miller.

In an online Potomac News article, Miller who won the nomination last month at the 50th District Republican Committee convention by the thinnest of margins is quoted as saying that his signature issues will be illegal immigration and transportation.

That's nice rhetoric, but where's even a tiny sliver of BEEF?

Miller's answer is to syphon the hard-earned meazly surplus, which would be a one-trick pony. Rishell notes the way to address transportation is to control growth and would like to "see a revenue stream dedicated [solely] to transportation."

Now, if my delegate in Richmond, Republican Scott Lingamfelter is any sign of what we can expect from Mr. Miller, that's reason enough to be sure one votes for Rishell in the fall.

HL is looking forward to meeting Ms. Rishell at a fundraiser on Aug. 19.

As for Mr. Miller, HL doesn't know if it's such a great idea to tout one's conservative chops on a Web site when running in the 50th District, especially after so-called conservatives have screwed up Virginia and the nation so royally in the past.

What's more, from his bullet points, HL also doesn't think we need any more religious zealots in Richmond trying to "protect the unborn."

Both candidates have agreed to debate four times.

they are still in the pit of irrevelancy.....thank God.
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