Sunday, August 20, 2006

George Allen's Black Beret Moment

Excusing Sen. George Allen's recent over-the-top remarks directed at a 20-year old student volunteer from the Jim Webb campaign, Sen. John McCain is quoted in a Richmond Times-Dispatch article as saying, Hey, "all politicians make mistakes."

Tell that to Bill Clinton, who if GOPers had won the day would've been tarred and feathered out of town.

But...even if you accept the premise that Allen didn't mean to direct any racial slur at S.R. Sidarth, how do you explain the pesky sheer meanness of his act?

Allen was in a position of power with a slew of toadies by his side. His remarks were meant to shame Sidarth; and from Howling Latina's perch, Allen was taking unfair advantage of the fact.

How about all the outrage directed at Clinton when he was president because he had an entanglement with a gal barely out of her teens with disparate power?

Remember all the lather and stew over Clinton's behavior and how they condemned him as a shameless "public official [who took] advantage of the aphrodisiac of power"?

The taped remarks show Allen for the mean-spirited, clueless goober that he is! Now let's see if the media keeps playing the tape over and over and over again like the tape of Clinton kissing Monica in her black beret.

Right on!

That allen is a closet racist and has the mentality of a teenaged school-yard bully is no surprise to those of us who have been watching, but the whole recent incident in SWVA brings those facts to light for a majority of Virginians fir the first time. I am thrilled that American and Virginian voters are waking up (finally!) to the massive hood-winking that has been going on by the new Republican party. I will be very glad to see us shake off our apathy and rool up our sleeves and get involved.

BTW - nice meeting HL last night at the Rishell fundraiser. Totally not what I expected and totally better.
Some politicians (like "sold out" McCain now is...and I'm sad that he has "sold out") would prefer us to ignore the "mistakes."

The macaca "mistake" shows a deep character flaw that everyone needs to highlight. It's not a typing error...or tripping over a rock kind of mistake.

George Allen has made a lot of mistakes such as supporting George Bush's incompetence, cronyism, and corporate corruption time and again.

We can't afford George Allen's mistakes or his own selling out to corporations at our expense again and again.

Me thinks George Allen is calling on everyone to save his sorry ass....Outsiders like McCain are not going to be able to save him.

Scott, When was Allen's racism ever in the closet?

bac, Allen's racism was never in the closet, but I think most Virginians were not paying much attention to it until recently.

There has been a lot of apathy in this country (low voter registration, lower turnout, belief that our votes don't count, assumption that the conflicting parties will cancel each other out).

I am thrilled that some of that complacency and apathy is being washed away; people are realizing under one party Republican rule that they can be adversely impacted and screwed by their government. They are waking up to the fact that their checks and balances are going, going, gone...

They are mad. They're not going to take it anymore. They are starting to take part.

It's awesome. They are realizing that without effect opposition, Allen's odd little personal racism is a real threat and a huge embarassment to the state as a whole. When the NY Times and other nationally famous papers write off all Virginians as racist because of Allen's unchecked racism - it shames us into action. We should never have let it get this far out of hand.

In 15 years we'll be proud to be Virginians - we'll have abolished this last vestige of the old racism; and the last dregs of the anti-gay hate community. We'll be a state dedicated to inclusion of all, and equality for all. We'll be true to our George Mason, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson roots again; only more equal and more diverse, and much richer in culture for it.
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