Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Night Snark Galore...

Just finished reading one of the best posts about Sen. George Allen's 'macaca' moment.

From Cliff's Corner of Americablog come these great observations and snark about George Allen and his week of glory in the center stage limelight:
Strom Thurmond was [somewhere] smiling, if he wasn’t busy desegregating his private parts with those of a barely pubescent African-American girl he was "romancing" while on shore-leave from the seventh-circle of hell.

Allen, meanwhile, who has a history of hanging a noose in his office, wearing a Confederate Flag lapel and looking like the somewhat more retarded and inbred cousin of Luke Duke—or is that David Duke—twice referred to a South Asian-American staffer of his opponent Jim Webb as “Macaca.” Which wouldn’t be a problem, if it were not French racial slur for darker-skinned North Africans. And if his mother weren’t French-Tunisian. And if he didn’t speak French.

Read the entire post; it'll put a sprightly wry smile on your face.

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