Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forget Rumsfeld, Fire Jo Ann Davis Instead...

Today we learn via Bearing Drift that Rep. Jo Ann Davis is calling for President George Bush to finally fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

And just why does Ms. Davis think Rumself should go?

I mean after five years of critical errors in the Middle East and Iraq with more than $300 billion of hard-working Americans taxpayer funds siphoned off to feed the White House warlords (including nearly $9 billion from poor Virginian taxpayers) and with more than 2600 soldiers dead and almost 20000 wounded, why stop Rummie from having fun with his little oil war games?

The fact of the matter is the buck stops at the very top. Pres. George Bush supported Rumsfeld and continues to support him; simply put, Rummie was merely carrying out the wishes of Junior, Darth-Cheney and their royal band of necons. Only the Republican controlled Congress could've put a stop to their madness.

The Daily Press reports that Davis is now calling for Rumsfeld's head. Hay señora, much too little, much too late. Where do our soldiers who've died for a lie go for redress?

Howling Latina will tell, only one place -- the poll booth; and when we wave good-bye to every GOP rubber stamper who supported Bush's diastrous war policies even when it was clear he was inept and clueless.

Americans have been dying for a very long time just so Davis and her Republicans cronies could stay their 'frigging' course. And for her to try to address the self-made problem of Bush's war in Iraq by simply affixing a campaign slogan that she knows will never come to pass and just so she can show voters how very serious and aggrieved she is by the sheer incompetence of Bush and Company is self-serving and morally obnoxious.

"I think if he had listened to Gen. (Eric) Shinseki in the beginning - I think Gen. Shinseki has been proven right," Davis now tells the press. "His argument with Secretary Rumsfeld was that we needed to have more troops, and he's right in my opinion."

Well...since Rumsfeld fired Shinseki way, way back in August 2003, why is Davis only now getting around to expressing her disapproval and speaking out!? Could Bush's low poll numbers and the fact most Americans want out of Iraq have anything to do with her late call to action?

Oh wait...she hasn't flip-flopped, she's always been as steady as the howling wind during a raging storm.

"I've made no bones about it the last two years," Davis is quoted as saying to folks at the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers a couple of days ago. "He's probably a nice guy, but I don't think he's a great secretary of defense."

But pray and do tell, who have you been sharing your bones with, Ms. Davis?

Davis also made the local news at WAVY-Channel 10 and confessed how "disturbed" she is when she meets injured soldiers.
"It's hard for me, especially being one who voted for (the war), when I go and visit a young soldier or airman or Marine and they've been lamed for life by the war," she told the ASMC."I feel a little guilt there because I voted for the war. ... It makes you feel like, 'My vote caused this.' ... But I still believe it was the right decision at the time."
But...not too hard to disabuse her from supporting the war. Davis "just wants soldiers home quickly." And Dulcecita, don't we all!

In the meantime, isn't it just and fitting for the party who supported the Bush administration every baleful step of the way to be held accountable by voters in the fall?

And yes, that's where Shawn O'Donnell comes in; the candidate who has been calling for the U.S. to end their occupation in Iraq for as long as GOPers have been asking Americans to stay the course. He's the Democratic candidate running against Davis.

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