Thursday, August 10, 2006

Felix's Hair Ball

Much like Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld who asked himself a series of tough questions and then sagely answered them, correctly, of course, questions about Jim Webb's many stances on Iraq are figments of someone's delusional imagination. In the case of Felix's cat brain, the malady is caused by nasty hairballs in the vertebrate of his poor central nervous system.

Thanks to The Shad Plank of Daily Press, a full quote from Felix's hallucinating brain was duly recorded for all Virginians to note and then condemn for its hyperbolic distortion of the facts and record:
"My opponent here in Virginia is very much against the president and the war on terror as well."
That's a hairball-ass lie, you feline sap; and moreover, what Shad may be too shy to say, Howling Latina will boldly point out. This sick cat will say anything to distort his opponents record; and of course, veil the ugly truth about his toadying approval and grovel at the disastrous foreign policies by the worst president in our nation's history.

The fact of the matter is exactly as Webb relayed in his public statement:

"George Allen conflated my long-held warnings against invading and occupying Iraq with being 'against ... the war on terror.' Mr. Allen knows full well that he is misrepresenting my views in order to protect himself politically from his blind support of the Bush administration's failed strategy in Iraq."
Beginning more than a year before the invasion of Iraq, I consistently stated that the administration's misguided effort to drag our country into an ill-advised occupation of Iraq would hurt, not help, in the war against international terror. I am deeply disappointed that Mr. Allen is now so clearly and deliberately misrepresenting my views. He knows exactly how I felt about this because I personally explained my views to him in September 2002, five months before the Iraq invasion."
And for good measure, Webb went on to slam Allen for using the usual scare tactics that have worked in the past for chickenhawks like himself and his unheroic White House.

As the events of this morning demonstrate, the stakes in the war on terror are too high for people such as Mr. Allen to be using them as cheap political props."
Here, have some more cat nip and please, go find another region to regurgitate your hairball talking points.

my mom is a latina too! :)
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