Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cuban-American Criminals Don't Want to go Back

Por favor, please don't send us back.

Thousands of Cuban-Americans (in the sense they've been living in Miami for a long time) have been issued deportation orders but Cuba, under Castro, refused to take them back, so far...

The Miami Herald reports that 29,079 Cuban nationals have "final deportation orders, most under supervised release and some in custody."

Deportation orders arose from the immigration bill introduced by Republican Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas and former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

The law requires most criminal convicts to be deported to their own country, but Castro refused to accept the Cuban nationals. If Castro dies, however, many are afraid of being forced to leave Miami Libre.

Linda Osberg-Braun, [a] South Florida immigration attorney whose clients include prominent Cuban nationals with final deportation orders, said she doubted removals would occur anytime soon.

''I don't think Raúl will change the dictatorship of Cuba, and Cuba will continue to be an oppressive dictatorship,'' Osberg-Braun said. "Therefore, I do not believe relations will change or that we will develop a repatriation agreement with Cuba.''

But as the Herald observes, "nothing in immigration law spell[s] out what conditions must exist in Cuba to begin deportations. A clue to a possible trigger [the] 1996 laws requiring mandatory deportations of foreign nationals convicted of aggravated felonies."

Moreover, if Castro dies and democracy is restored, the 1996 law repeals the Cuban Adjustment Act, which allowed Cuban nationalists to apply for permanent residency only a year after arriving.

¡Muy interesante! God forbid they'd have to join the queue at the end of the line with the rest of the Latino "furrrihners."

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