Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cold Sweat

Throughout the nation, influence by the moderate faction of the Republican Party is being duly noted.

The latest observation by Roll Call lauds the growing clout of the once meek and supine 'moderates' and quotes a few endangered or retiring RINOs.

"The moderates' moment has been extended, our influence has been expanded," asserted Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (N.Y.), speaking Thursday at an event hosted by the centrist Republican Main Street Partnership.


"We're learning how to stick together more effectively than in the past," Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) said Thursday, shortly before the House approved her proposal on health care records.

In the meantime, Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., helped push stem-cell research legislation through the House; alas, even with overwhelming approval by nation, the daring push was not enough to override a presidential veto in the GOP controlled House.

Boehlert is getting the hell of dodge and going back home; and Nancy, well, Nancy is busy "releas[ing]...menacing music and eerie images of her opponent, who [she] branded 'a tax-hiking politician we can't afford!'"

Castle along with Chris Shays, R-Ct., who is also quoted in the story fought hard to eliminate "performance bonuses' to defense contractors that do not live up to their contract obligations."

Such brave souls! Kinna reminds Howling Latina of Sen. George Felix Allen's daring support of the Voting Rights Act.

But...before we crown these 'moderates' new kids on the block, let's take a peek at their legislative records first, si?!?

Johnson opposed setting limits on the perpetual and never-ending war in Iraq; or even "setting benchmarks for success." She also "voted against helping workers whose jobs ha[d] been outsourced" in the new global paradigm.

As for Shays and Castle, both voted against price gouging in 2005; both voted against health coverage for breast cancer; and yea, both voted against setting the pesky benchmarks in Iraq.

Folks, can you discern a pattern? Doesn't exactly sound like moderation to HL, but more like the clump of rubber stamps affixed to the GOP line

And seriously, does anyone think this crowd will have any leverage in January, if God forbid, Republicans steal yet another election and keep the House?

Hell, the only reason Republican leadership is listening to 'moderates' is because they're scared of losing their precious POWER; and are breaking out in a pre-election cold sweat as they imagine hearings, accountability and the albatross of oversight.

THE HORROR...the horror!

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