Saturday, August 19, 2006

Both Georges Lost Their Campaign Mojo

For the last six months or so, Sen. George Allen has been going around the country claiming he represents "real Americans" and "real Virginians."

Wink, wink, you know what he meant...white guy in a crowd of white folks, religious zealot in a crowd of born-again evangelicals, race car enthusiasts in a crowd of NASCAR fans, repentant former bigot in a crowd of African-Americans; yes, Allen is the political Rorschach, specifically nonspecific with sunny bromides.

Well, that campaign theme is now gone. Zap. Vanished.

That's right; because of his importune comments last week, Allen will no longer be able to tell his audiences how he understands the "real" world and how he's the "real" McCoy on a horse. It's too connected to his ill-advised remarks.

So...late in the campaign, Allen is going to have to come up with something new. Keep in mind, he's promised to run an upbeat campaign about the issues.

Just exactly what will the goober tell voters, especially since only 41 percent of Virginians approve of Pres. George Bush and his policies?!?

Sure Bush could rebound, but Howling Latina doesn't think that's going to happen; and here's why.

When Karl Rove told Republicans to run on the terror theme, he likely knew the British terror plot would be unfolding in late summer.

And just as they used the Swiftboaters to attack Kerry in the all-important month of August to set up the presidential campaign in '04, the White House planned to use the war on terror to set the campaign theme for the fall: Americans could not trust Democrats to fight the war on terror.

But holy cow, no movement in the polls -- even after all the hype and hysteria after the British foiled a terror attack in the making. Bush poll numbers are still rotten.

Apparently, this one-trick pony valiantly stayed the course for a few rounds but it's now bone-weary, wasted and dying.

Yep, Americans still care about the war on terror, they just don't think it's got a damn thing to do with the war in Iraq.

Back to the drawing board for both Georges; but it's late in the game to round up new focus groups and come up with new themes for the fall.

Like Lowell Feld of Raising Kaine told his readers, Jim Webb is going to upset George "Macaca" Allen; and Howling Latina predicts the Democrats will win both the House and Senate.

Just what exactly is a "goober"?
I'm a Northern Yankee and don't know what a goober is!
A goober is an inbred hillbilly wanna-be.
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