Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Battle of The Polls - Out-liars

Republican spinmeisters were breathlessly claiming that Bush was on the upswing; the pendulum was swinging.

The proof? His 42 percent approval rate in a USA Today/CNN poll of Aug. 20. the latest Newsweek poll, Bush's approval rate is a lousy 36 percent with 56 percent of Americans disapproving.

And in an Aug. 22 published poll by New York Times/CBS, Bush's approval rate was 36 percent; his disapproval rate was 57 percent.

What's more, the Aug. 15th Survey USA poll had Bush's approval numbers at 38 percent with 60 percent disapproving.

Can you say and spell O-U-T-L-I-A-R? You know, to go with out-and-out-liar Tony Blankley who was busy tossing the 42 percent approval rate of almost a week ago today on "John McLaughlin" to prove Bush's poll numbers were climbing. Two polls afterwards and one right before strongly suggest otherwise.

The USA/CNN poll was obviously an outlier.

Gee, I spent a career in business analysis, but I fail to be able to interpret your graph -- would you walk me through it?
Thing Graphic Bill....and analyze the content. Maybe then you'll get it.

HL--I think all they know how to do is spin (i.e. lie) b/c they can't use their record for expect lots and lots of "spin." It's their trademark.
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