Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Allen Racist Remarks Tonight on "Countdown"

The media and blogosphere has been abuzz. Allen poked fun at a Webb staffer in front of a GOP crowd and the Washington Post front-paged his condescending and racially tinged remarks.

Initially, "Allen's campaign manager dismissed the issue with an expletive and insisted the senator has 'nothing to apologize for", but as the political fallout grew, Allen duly apologized with the usual craven non-apology.
"I would never want to demean him as an individual. I do apologize if he's offended by that. That was no way the point."
Perish the thought!

Tonight, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" will give the story some more national legs. A recent e-mail informs viewers that one of the stories they'll be covering is the George Allen firestorm.

Let's face it folks. Allen is a racist bigot; and from cradle to tomb, he'll remain a Dixie flag-waving Southern wanna-be.

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