Friday, September 01, 2006

The AFL-CIO Supports Jeanette Rishell

A few weeks ago, the AFL-CIO endorsed a bevy of candidates for office in Virginia. Included in this exclusive list is Democratic candidate for Virginia's 50th House District, Jeanette Rishell.

With the union's endorsement will come a multitude of perks, such as a few good activists to help spread the campaign gospel, GOTV and pony-up at the collection plate.

By the way, nice little story in the Potomac News about Rishell's plan for overcrowding which doesn't have a damn thing to do with how one defines family, unlike her GOP opponent's previous proposal.

Oh and Too Conservative -- the article also fails to mention anything about proposing owners of illegal boarding houses be charged with a felony. Guess Rishell is not as "bonkers" as some bloggers would want their readers to believe.

Oops...back to the smearing board.

This is off the topic, Latina, but I recall in one other post you wondered whether or not Speaker Howell (not sure that's how you spelled it) was sure of his idea to call a "special election" on November 7th.

Here's a tip:

This is not a special election.

Speaker Howell (that's how you spell it) did not call it.

It is a general election, and it is held on November 7th, by state law.

What state law, you wonder?

The one that says that the general election will be the tuesday after the first Monday of November.

So, in actuality, you are a fool, Latina.

Special election, indeed. Good God.
Why is is that everytime someone posts and calls me names, they post anonymously?!?

Well, guess what? I guess the WaPo must also be a fool; as well as the Democratic Party; both refer to the race as a special election; only you, 'all-knowing' knows all.

Thank goodness for my dear friend LexisNexus to refute the bullshit from some Republican troll.
Far be it from me to defend a Dem, but this is indeed a special, i.e., one held other than in the normal course of things, election, as it is not being held in an odd-numbered year.

Though you might want to spell Rishell's name correctly in the headline.

This is news? Maybe, if she HADN'T gotten the union endorsement. Then again, this guarantees a bevy of union thugs at the polls, most of them doubtlessly bussed in from Maryland and/or D.C.
Maybe the AFL-CIO endorsed a different JR who spells her last name differently. :-)

Or maybe JR spelled it wrong in an earlier press release, and HL just missed the correction. :-)

Yes, it is a special election. A bit presumptuous to assume the anonymous poster is a "republican troll", maybe it was a libertarian pixie.
This is just sooo perfectly timely.

Just getting ready to do a post about typos and the like; you know, honest mistakes versus deliberate lies and misinformation of the Republican kind:)
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