Sunday, July 30, 2006

You're Blog Sucks....

Trolling through the internet, Howling Latina came across a post from an Ohio blogger on leftyblogs.

Thinking it might be an interesting read, HL clicked but alas, before she could read the post, she had to fill out this bullshit form.

And to add further injury to my wounded blogging spirit, even after HL had spewed out her life's history on the damn questionnaire, the frigging site still wouldn't let me read the post.

Thanks but no thanks, As Ohio Goes. It's bad enough you have to register to read the New York Times, Washington Post and others. But...when I gotta waste my precious time just to read a stupid post, take your blog and SHOVE IT!

Certainly, there are blogs that require viewers to register before they can comment. But please, please, let's not have blogging sites go the way As Ohio Goes.

Update: Apparently my title, "You're blog sucks has come under criticism; and understandably so. HL was trying to personify the blog owner; and let him or her know that it was truly too much of a pain in the ass to read posts for newcomers if everytime said person visited site, they had to register.

did you mean "your blog sucks"?
Yep. This blog sucks.
A poor play with words, HL will agree.

I meant, you're, in the sense that "you" are the blog.

This is Cindy at I am not sure what happened when you visited my site but you should not have to register to read or comment. Please try again

Thank you and sorry for your difficulties

Were you able to visit the site and see the posts? If so could you please Update your diary to reflect that. I am sorry you had an unpleasent experience but the site does not force you to register (you do not even have to register for comments) The only thing I can think of is perhaps seomthing went wonky at my host (Expression Engine)and you were accidently sent to the register page? Please let me know if you are still having difficulties. Thank you.
Kari Chisholm from here. I've verified that the listings from As Ohio Goes are working normally -- I was able to see all kinds of posts just fine.

Must have been a temporary glitch.

Never assume bad intent when simple incompetence will do.
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