Friday, July 21, 2006

State of Electronic Security is Not Good

The Election Assistance Commission created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 is failing to safeguard the integrity of our electoral process.

Roll Call reported yesterday that expert witnesses testified they have little confidence in electronic voting.

David Wagner, an expert on security and electronic voting and professor of computer science at the University of California at Berkeley, said the EAC ...needs to go even further than creating these system guidelines. There are effective security measures available, he said, which many states do not implement.

"Today, the state of electronic voting security is not good," he said. "The most effective defense involves adoption of voter-verified paper records and mandatory manual audits of these records."

The purpose of a House hearing was to learn if the Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines mandated by the 2002 legislation was comprehensive enough "to ensure security in our election systems."

Roll Call notes, however, that "almost every question and response made reference to the need for a form of voter verification when using electronic voting machines."

Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J., called for Congress to require that "all voting machines...create a voter-verified paper trail" during a pre-hearing press conference.

Howling Latina has absolutely no confidence that e-voting accurately records votes; and wonders if that GOP snake running for governor in Ohio along with other GOPers who are behind the polls pull out inexplicable victories, folks will finally wizen up.

The election system is rigged and has been rigged since 2002 when Republicans starting miraculously winning races after exit polls showed Democrats had actually won.

2002? Ah yes, that was the election night when exit polls weren't available due to a trainwreck at VNS.

But you're right - if Republicans win, it's the machine's fault. How could anyone vote against the Democrats, when they're so vocally smarter than everyone else?
Cute response,'re failing to address the pesky problem of variance between polls and exit polls.

After all, this is the standard the world uses and has used to measure whether elections in other countries are legitimate or NOT.
The ghost of Thomas Dewey probably agrees with you on that one. Richard Nixon, too.
Hmmm, not really relevant.

Both were pre-election polls, not EXIT POLLS!
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