Monday, July 24, 2006

Shakira Coming to the District

Mega superstar Shakira is touring the United States this summer and will visit the nation's capital during her "Oral Fixation" tour of 23 cities, Hispanic PR Wire reports.

Howling Latina absolutely adores Shakira and her whirligig gyrations; she moves her body as if it were a rubber band; gosh that girl can DANCE!

HL just hopes they still have a couple of tickets for the show at the Verizon Center on Aug. 29.

The Columbian beauty of Lebanese parents starts her tour in El Paso on Aug. 9 and ends in McAllen, Texas on Sept. 25.

For dates, cities and venues, click here.

Shakira has also been in the news lately with her call "for a ceasefire to end the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon."

She said: "War is not the answer. War is not the solution to any conflict - not today, not in this century. I am sad, like the rest of the world is, to know that because of this conflict so many innocent mothers and children are dying.

"We want something better for the kids of the world. We don't need leaders that create more divisions and resentment and more hatred. We need leaders that care about the people."

Sounds like the sexy lady is not only talented but has a few brain cells as well; and all the more reason to buy a ticket to see her concert, if she's not already sold out.

Update: Tickets are still available through TicketMaster as of this morning.

I love Shakira, too! But I bet by the time I can organize my life to a point where I could break away to get up there, they'll be sold out. I'll try anyway. Maybe see you there, HL?
I hope you give us a review of the concert. I just love an artist with "heart." I'm so glad she's taking a stand on this issue.

You might want to watch yesterday's broadcast of wespecially this story Combatants For Peace: Former Israeli and Palestinian Fighters Talk About Why Dialogue, Not War, Will Solve the Middle East Crisis.

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