Thursday, July 20, 2006

Richmond Times-Dispatch Gags Employees

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a lovely rule; no employee may speak to a journalist from another newspaper or media organization without prior approval.

Editor and Publisher notes that an attorney for the "newsroom employees union" is thinking of challenging this unsavory edict in court.

"Legally, it could be challenged because it is too broad," said Jay. J. Levit, attorney for the Richmond Newspapers Professional Association. "It doesn't make any distinction as to whether the reporter [wishing to speak to the media] holds union office. The union has a right to communicate to the outside world. We are looking into whether there are any legal ramifications."
Ay, Dios Mio, what is it about GOP loving minions and backers that hate America's freedom.

Nah, perish the thought; you see, it's about message control.
Publisher Tom Silvestri defended the policy, saying it is no different than those at other companies who are seeking to "establish rules of communication."
The ruckus started when an alternative newspaper in Richmond, The Style Weekly, chronicled dissent in the newsroom since Silvestri and executive editor Glenn Proctor were hired.

Guess it's time for reporters to wear tape over their mouth and hit the streets ALA reporters at Santa Barbara News Press in California.

sounds as if some folks in that newsroom need to start their own blog..of course, it probably would be a good idea to use psydo think?
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