Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Phony Cowboy and Phony Virginian

In an article by the Washington Times, Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb was given a very favorable spotlight; and he was quoted with one of the best zingers of last Saturday's debate.

When talking about former-President Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Union in relationship to the disastrous war in Iraq and Bush's preemptive policy, Webb had this to say:
"Ronald Reagan didn't bring down the Soviet Union by invading Czechoslovakia," Mr. Webb said. "There are very few people in the Reagan administration who have in any way supported this administration's policies in terms of invading and occupying and placing our troops at risk in a place like Iraq."
The article proceeded to write several more lines and framed Webb's campaign as that of an independent war hero fighting for what he believes is right.

Kristian Denny Todd, a spokeswoman for Mr. Webb, said the decorated Vietnam War veteran did not agree with Mr. Reagan all the time, but that he admired Mr. Reagan's ability to end the Cold War without a bullet being fired. Mr. Webb resigned as Navy secretary after refusing to reduce the size of the Navy.

Robert Holsworth, dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University who served as moderator, told The Washington Times he was somewhat surprised by Mr. Webb's response.

But, he said Mr. Webb showed that he does not fit the normal political mold."Almost anyone involved in the political arena would point to John Kennedy or Harry Truman," Mr. Holsworth said.

"It really shows that Jim Webb obviously says what he thinks, and he doesn't put most of his statements through a political grinder before they come out."

And how did Allen's campaign manager, Dick Wadhams, respond to the favorable impression from someone who witnessed the debate?

By lamely labeling Webb's independence as an "identity crisis."

What an idiot; any nonpartisan reading the Times has to be delighted to find a politician who actually tells the truth, as he sees it; that's what people loved about Reagan, whether they agreed with him or not.

Let's face it, Webb is no canned politician; he is the antithesis to the phony cowboy personae from the sap who wishes he were from Iowa, North Carolina, California, Virginia, hell, wherever the audience is from.

You just know it tears at poor Allen's stone heart that Webb is not only the true patriot, but also the true Virginian, with roots that go back centuries.

Virginia values? What would Allen know! He's just a carpetbagging, phony cowboy with a football and a last name that means nothing to nobody; and when he accuses Webb of being a Hollywood elitist, hell, if anyone has a better claim to Hollywood, it would be guy who grew up within miles of Tinseltown; and that of course, would be Allen.

For the Washington Times, the rightest of all right-wing newspapers, to show Webb in a favorable light really says something about how well he really did. Great post.
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