Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Latest SurveyUSA Presidential Numbers

Well, so much for the media story thread of Bush on the come-back trail.

In the latest SurveyUSA poll, President Bush's approval numbers remain stuck at 37 percent; his numbers are in the black in only three states: Utah, Idaho and Wyoming (barely), for a measly 46 electoral votes if elections were held today.

The SurveyUSA poll numbers show Virginians are slightly happier with Bush in July that they were in June, 43 percent versus 40 percent.

Bush lost 2 points in his home state of Texas, with a 49 percent approval rate, 3 points in the battleground state of Ohio, with a 33 percent approval rate and a whopping 5 percent in Alabama, with a 46 percent approval rate.

In Virginia, 55 percent of Independents disapprove of Bush, 88 percent of Democrats also disapprove, while 77 percent of Republicans think Bush is doing a marvelous job.

Bush's strongest support comes from the Shenandoah and southeast regions of the commonwealth with a 45 percent approval rate; and his lowest support comes from the northeast with a 41 percent approval rate with central Virginia trailing a mere point behind.

Howling Latina notes what others may already know, blue-leaning northeast offsets red-leaning Shenandoah and southeast with central Virginia the bellwether region.

Note that President Bush's approval rating is 43% in Virginia. Nationwide, it's 37%.
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Indeed, 37 percent nationwide, the 43 percent was in Virginia.

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