Saturday, July 15, 2006

Latest Members of the Axis of Blue

Equal to Northern Virginia, are the exurbs now becoming members of the axis of blue?!?

During the last few weeks, The Free-Lance Star published four letters from readers about the upcoming Senate race between Sen. George Felix Allen and challenger Jim Webb.

The first letter was written by a Republican voter who has only twice voted for a Democrat during his entire life: John Kennedy in 1960 and Jimmy Carter in 1976. In his letter, the male reader notes that Allen “has abandoned middle-class Americans.”

Actually, Allen never gave a rat’s butt, just pretended to; now, folks have started to wizen up to his smiley fake cowboy poke act.

The second letter was from the vice-chairman of the Fredericksburg Republican Committee; and surprise, Dennis Lister is supporting Goober George!

The third letter was from a self-described “lifelong Republican.” She writes:
For many years, Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility and personal rights--keeping government out of our lives and homes.

To me, this current congressional stance and that of Sen. Allen, along with the debacle of Iraq, is immoral and dishonest. It threatens the future of our children.

And the final letter is from the guy who started the dialogue rolling with his “Adieu, Sen. Allen, for you no longer represent me” slap in the face.

This time around, Rex A. Hoover from Sumerduck of Fauquier County simply restates his commitment to Webb. He believes the former war hero, Navy secretary, famous author, prescient journalist and all-around great guy is the candidate who “will work toward rebuilding a sound American economy.” Not just for corporate fat cats, like most GOPers, and certainly true of Allen.

That's three letters from private citizens for Webb and one letter from a party hack for Allen.

Geez, with all the good press by the local Fredericksburg newspaper, Howling Latina thinks she’ll drop a line or two on behalf of Democratic House candidate for the 1st District, Shawn O’Donnell; and to anyone who wants to join in the fun, please feel free to do so as well.

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