Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Intellectual Honesty of Jim Webb

Even though Howling Latina is far from a fair broker when weighing in about the Senate race in Virginia and anything having to do with Darth-Allen or Wonderful Webb, the Roanoke Times did an excellent job presenting the facts to readers without media spin or candidate bias, which of course, helped Webb since he is by a zillion suns more qualified than Allen.

U.S. Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger James Webb sparred over the war in Iraq, economic policies and stem cell research Saturday during their first face-to-face debate of the 2006 campaign.

Allen, the Republican incumbent and former governor, repeatedly emphasized his experience in public office and his familiarity with Virginia issues. He tried to underscore that point midway through the debate when he quizzed Webb about plans to expand the Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area in Portsmouth and possibly develop a marine cargo terminal there. Webb acknowledged that he didn't know anything about the project, prompting Allen to claim after the debate that Webb "is not conversant on the important issues."

Webb later dismissed the flap as "a gotcha question" and rejected suggestions that it exposed a weakness in his candidacy.

Like the cheating rascal who peeks over the smartest kid's shoulder, copies the answers and then brags about how smart he is when he gets an A, Allen had his "gotcha moment," but Roanoke-Times wasn't impressed.

Of course Allen knew the answer to his own question; the goober smarty-pants had his staff prep him on the issue beforehand.

But Webb had the absolute perfect comeback with his simple and honest answer. "I don't know, tell me about it."

I mean, couldn't Virginians use less certainty from their leaders after the haughty crowd in charge guaranteed certitude but was dead wrong about every assumption under the sun?!?

And doesn't it bode well that Webb has the self-assurance to humble himself before thousands and admit he didn't have all the answers but welcomes knowledge, even from his opponent?!?

For Webb, the ever consummate author and reader, knowledge is power; and if Allen has information that is not only useful for future talking points or campaign commercials, but also addresses issues of import to his would-be constituents, oh yea, baby, tell me all about it, is Webb's hungry-for-knowledge attitude.

No rubber-stamper; and with more intellectual curiosity in his pinkie than Allen's entire phony pompous head; a man of honor looking to serve his country and ALWAYS WILLING TO LEARN.

As the great philosopher Aristotle is quoting saying, "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

That is a great perspective, HL - and rings true.
It must be so shocking for some to deal with straight honesty and well thought out positions, that now Webb will be blamed for NOT being a DC insider "sound byte" sellout.

Great Post.
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