Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Illegal Allen

The Fauquier County fair is history, but a huge ugly 'Allen for Senate' sign is now up on Meetze Road right outside Warrenton.

Now, Virginia laws says that campaign signs may not be displayed earlier than 90 days before election, and they must be removed no later than 10 days afterwards.

Folks, Election Day ain't until November 7, almost four months away; so what the hell is this illegal sign doing up by the side of a road?

To add salt to the offending wound, after Fauquier County explicitly told booth sponsors to be sure not to take their tents down before the fair closed at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, the GOP gang closed up shop almost an hour before closing.

Their tent had been neatly packed and was gone minutes after 5:00 o'clock.

Hmmm, so much for Republicans as the party of blessed rules; they obviously think rules only apply to others.

From the latest dissembling by UN Ambassador John Bolton as to why it's okay for Israel to kill civilians to Bush's gyrating talking points in the lead-up to the Iraqi War; and everything in between under the sun (hat tip to NIV and Ecclesiastes).

You are kidding.

You mean to tell me that the evil Republicans packed up their stuff and left before they were actually allowed to?

Without even getting into why the hell an event sponsor would care why and when someone would pack up and leave ... you have to be kidding.

Whew ... Webb is safely elected. Allen's folks disobeyed a direct order and packed up.

Perhaps the Allen sign is on private property?
The Allen campaign should just consent now!! Wow, one campaign sign and they left too early at a parade!!!! I think I will change my vote because of this. I don't want any campaign signs out of place. Who cares about that national security and other important stuff, sign me up as the defender of campaign signs!!!

This is a big-ass sign; and it's still up; and no, it's way, way too close to the road to be on private property.
Oh, and by the bye. When you are a vendor at a mall and you close before the mall's closing time, you are fined, MAJOR BIG TIME!
The issue with tearing down your booth early at the County Fair is twofold. First, it is a matter of cheating the folks who paid their ten bucks to see a County Fair. If they come in and half the booths and attractions aren't there, their money has been stolen from them.

Second, each and every exhibitor had a contractual obligation to stay open. They signed a contract that said they would remain open until closing. To be there for those folks who paid to come to the fair. They gave their word to follow the provisions of that contract.

Some of the comments above would seem to indicate that some of y'all don't think lying and cheating people is such a big deal. Well, out here we are just a bit more old fashioned than that.

I realize the foundations of the Republic won't be shaken by the actions of these people. But it is an indicator of their values. Talk is cheap. Actions speak loudly.
The issue of the campaign sign is another matter that, while not earth shattering, may indicate a "the rules only apply to other people attitude". The sign that HL mentions appears to be in the VDOT right-of-way. This is a violation.

While we all may chafe at the rules from time to time, they do have a sound basis and we all must abide by them. It will be interesting to watch and see if VDOT removes the sign or ignores the rules for Senator Allen .
Well said Dan!

So honest question: where can I find out more about the laws covering placement of signs? I'd like to place a few but do not want to violate the laws. I am assuming there are overlapping laws for the jurisdictions - state, county, and town or city laws....

Does anyone know?

Howling Latina linked to the City of Chesapeake in Virginia, but what about state-wide and other county rules/laws?

A quick search in google only showed the link Howling Latina already posted. Findlaw is cumbersome and difficult to use (at least for a non-lawyer like me).

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