Friday, July 21, 2006

Growing Dowtown Pot Plant

Oh my...

The Associated Press via Fark reports that an Indiana town had a healthy 3-foot pot plant growing right under the eyes and nose of everyone.

Yep, the cannabis plant was "growing in a brick planter along a downtown sidewalk" in LaPorte, Indiana.
Chief of Detectives Adam Klimczak said the marijuana was likely planted on purpose.
What great beagle detective work, you think...?
Dave Sanderson, president of the Business Improvement District, which finds volunteers to maintain the planters, suspected the marijuana was planted as a joke and said the volunteers were unlikely to have noticed it. ''I wouldn't know a marijuana plant from a dandelion,'' he said. ''I'm not sure if they would either.''
Hmmm, wonder if the spirit of volunteerism jumped during the last few months; just asking.

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