Friday, July 14, 2006

First Webb and Allen Debate

The Associated Press News Calendar via reports the first debate between Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger Jim Webb will be in Hot Springs, Virginia on July 22.

The two were previous guests on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" on July 9, although each was interviewed separately.

In other Webb news, the Free-Lance Star in Fredericksburg publishes yet another letter from former GOPer and Webb supporter, Rex A. Hoover who writes:

This is what concerns me: our dependence on foreign oil, our loss of more than 2.5 million manufacturing jobs and more than 850,000 professional-service and information-sector jobs since 2001, the predicted loss of an additional 3.4 million white-collar jobs and $136 billion in wages overseas by 2015, and a national energy policy that ignores huge subsidies for rich oil companies while noting the need for rebuilding their neglected infrastructure without recommending who should pay for it.
George Felix Allen's rubber stamp support of an energy bill essentially written by the oil industry doesn't exactly sit well with Hoover.
While I don't trivialize things like marriage-tax penalties, tax moratoriums on the Internet, and a host of things that I think of as lifestyle issues, our national economic future is in peril.

If you don't have a job, tax relief isn't of any value to you.
And if the person running had the foresight to warn against a disastrous preemptive war that the incumbent supported and continues to support in spite of huge financial cost and loss of lives, limbs, honor and friends, all the more reason to vote for Jim Webb.

Update: The Webb campaign will try to live-blog the debate between Allen and Webb this Saturday; unfortunately, it is not going to be aired or televised; look for it at the Webb for Senate blog shortly after the debate begins around 10:00 a.m.

I think it is on Saturday the 22nd, not on the 23rd.

Cheers and good luck tomorrow
Yikes, I need stronger glasses.

You are correct; and I hope you don't mind, but I cheated and changed the date inside the story.

Less confusion.)
Hmmm, looks like I won't be needing that new pair of glasses, after all.

Just need to fact check e-mails, even if they're from google.

Here's where I got the date; their e-mail alert.

AP News Calendar
Forbes - USA
... Through July 23. Hot Springs, Va. - First debate between Republican Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger James Webb for US Senate seat. ...
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