Saturday, July 22, 2006

Daily Press vs. Washington Post

If the Washington Post is the nation's leading news source for Congress, including Senate and House races, please give me a small, no-name state newspaper over the overrated Post any day.

In reporting the debate on Saturday between Sen. George Allen and Jim Webb, the Post reported a few zingers by Allen, which Webb zapped and put in their respective meaningless place.

For example, here's the Washington Post noting how Allen supposedly "embarrassed Jim Webb" because he didn't know about some proposed Hampton Roads project that honestly, unless you live in the immediate area, you probably would have no reason to know about, unless of course, you already represent the area as senator.

A half-hour into the debate, Allen caught the challenger off guard by asking him a question that forced Webb to admit he was unfamiliar with Portsmouth's Craney Island, which consists of dredged material that officials hope to turn into a cargo terminal.

"Craney Island is in Virginia," said Allen, who then lectured Webb about the site. "I got it, George. I got it, George," Webb responded.

Here is what the Daily Press had to say about the same subject, an obvious more nuanced take:

Allen asked Webb to elaborate on his ideas for the proper use of the 2,500-acre manmade peninsula in Portsmouth created from mud dredged from the Elizabeth River ship channel.

Webb paused an uncomfortable moment. "I'm not sure I know where Craney Island is," he conceded. "Why don't you tell me."

"Craney Island's in Virginia," Allen replied, affecting an exasperated look as he schooled Webb on the history of the site and why it's important now. Congress is considering an expansion of the site to accommodate a major international terminal that could create thousands of jobs in Hampton Roads.

Afterward, Webb dismissed Allen's question as "a classic debate-prep thing, to find one sentence and throw it out."

Hell, you don't even have to read the stories, just the ledes will do. Here is the lede by the Washington Post: "It's 'Virginia Values' vs. 'Fresh Eyes.'"

And here's the lede by the Daily Press: "Allen says his record is plus; Webb says it's the problem."

Now, the Daily Press did not mention Allen's evil attempt to try to frame Webb as a Hollywood liberal; but the Post did, and here's what they had to say:
During the debate, Allen tried to needle Webb, a novelist who has also worked on feature films in Hollywood. Allen spoke of pursuing "Virginia values" instead of "Hollywood values" and made several references to Webb's writing career.
But if a newspaper is going to mention an incident, shouldn't they tell the whole 'frigging' story, for Pete's sake?

Per Raising Kaine, Webb came back with a wallop that sailed right out of the ballpark. "Calling me a Hollywood liberal; was Ronald Reagan a Hollywood liberal," he asked?

Yes, George, you're not only a phony cowboy, but you're also a phony conservative.

Dear readers, whoever you may be, please read the full Daily Press story; more actual quotes, less biased analysis; it's the only way you can have a full sense of what went on in Hot Springs until the video comes out.

Thanks for the info on the Post coverage...unfortunately the bias is not rare.

There are Portsmouth natives who couldn't tell you how to drive to Craney Island....LOL, I'm sure George hadn't heard of it until it came his way as a briefing on a senate bill.

Wonder if George knows that Craney Island is "noticed" by the UFO crowd...seems like lots of strange things have been known to fly around Craney Island...

Heavens, we don't need a Prince George in waiting!
It's interesting that Webb, as a former Navy Secretary couldn't recognize the name of the NAVY's largest fuel depot in the United States.
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