Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chief of Staff Sleeps on Capitol Floor

Rob Woodall, chief of staff to Republican Rep. John Linder of Georgia sleeps on the warm floor of the capitol whenever he is in town, reports Roll Call.
Woodall even has a blankie in his 5-by-10-foot space, a little mattress and other things to spruce it up and make it a little homier. As one source [wrote] in an e-mail, "You can see a towel drying, his foam cot and some personal items (including a large assortment of ties, and for some reason, a decorative throw pillow) in the space."
Woodall travels to Washington at least a couple of times a week and figures why waste taxpayers money when he can sleep in the capitol and shower and shave in the House gym?

In other news, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is quoted during yesterday's Senate debate on parental notification for minors by Roll Call as saying, "Condoms and teenagers work about 50 percent of the time, if you count all of the studies up." Roll Call observes that condoms actually work 97 percent of the time.

Finally, looks like Howling Latina wasn't the only person who thought Sen. Mike DeWine was the mystery senator in yesterday's Dana Milbank story.
Whodunit. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had a ball Tuesday guessing (or knowing, but going through the motions) exactly who was the mystery Republican Senate candidate featured in a Washington Post sketch who bashed just about every one of President Bush's policy decisions and said he would "probably not" want Dubya campaigning for him.
The DSCC fired off a couple of press releases initially pointing the finger at DeWine but then suspecting Sen. George Allen.

George Allen? No way. He's too much of Bush's boy and his future too directly linked to the White House; he would never, ever say anything critical about King George, especially since he wants to be crowned the next GOP presidential monarch.

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