Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Breaking News - Three-Judge Panel Named

Tom DeLay may have to run for Congress in the 22nd District, after all; and give up his life of leisure and riches in Virginia and California.

A three judge panel from the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit was named to rule on the merits of the run-away candidate; and whether the GOP can replace DeLay in November's ballot or be forced to stay the course with DeLay.

Two of the three judges named to hear the case were appointed by DeLay's nemesis, good ol' Slick Willie Clinton.

Oh what glorious irony. The ghost of Clinton reaching beyond political retirement and biting DeLay's Machiavellian fat ASS!

Via Musings, a Texas blogger, the hearing is set for July 31, and the three judges who will hear the evidence are Pedro Fortunato Benavides, James L. Dennis and Edith Brown Clement. Benavides and Dennis were appointed by Clinton and Clement was appointed by Junior.

Folks, can you hear the squealing, screeching and screaming all the way from Texas?!?

Virginians can't win w/ this one, unfortunately.

No one wants Delay's corrupt influence back in D.C. But when he loses he'll be coming to our state with his entire bag of tricks. Lucky us....

Hopefully a swarm of mosquitoes will find his new home and Buzz, Buzz, Buzz....where is the bloody boy?
I fear there is no getting rid of him here in Sugar Land. The bugman lives only a couple of miles from me!

My guess is that the judges rule he has to stay on the ballot, then he withdraws because he can't afford to run. He has too many legal bills to pay to be running a campaign!!

Please welcome him with open arms in VA!
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