Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who The Hell is Greg Neft?!?

Oh, oh. It looks like Jo Ann Davis is going to be challenged from the right flank as well as the left.
WAVA (Channel 10) of Portsmouth-Norfolk reports that a retired Marine has decided to run for Congress in the 1st district.

And yes, that's the same district Shaun Kenney informed Howling Latina a few hours ago where Jo Ann Davis is a rock star!

Well, her star must be fading or the former real estate lady desperately needs a new hit.

Retired Marine Colonel Marvin Pixton says he doesn't like the current state of politics, and says there's too much bickering between the two parties. He says he's not running against the incumbent but rather he's running for a change in Washington.
Transportation is supposed to be his shtick. But once a Marine always a Marine Simper Fi; and you can bet more that a few of his fellow jarheads will opt to vote for him rather than Davis.

This district is getting more interesting by the minute!

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