Monday, June 05, 2006

Top Dog Frank Wolf

The Republicans are responsible for the unholy mess in Congress; and one of the leading evildoers is Virginia’s Rep. Frank Wolf.

Every time-wasting, intemperate, irresponsible bill was ushered and rubber-stamped by Wolf.

And ranking Congress by power, of Capital Advantage, ranked Wolf number 11 in the Republican chamber and number 14 over-all.

Virginians need to hold him accountable!

Factors that affected ranking were number of years in Congress, chairmanship of committee or subcommittee, membership in Appropriations Committee, sponsorship of successful bill or amendment, and so on.

Here is the ranking for all Virginia legislators:

Name (Rank by Power in Senate)
Sen. Warner (R-VA) (21)
Sen. Allen (R-VA) - (42)

Name (Rank by Power in the House)
Rep. Wolf (R-VA-10) (14)
Rep. Davis (R-VA-11) (58)
Rep. Davis (R-VA-1) (59)
Rep. Cantor (R-VA-7) (78)
Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA-6) (99)
Rep. Forbes (R-VA-4) (107)
Rep. Drake (R-VA-2) (194)
Rep. Goode (R-VA-5) (198)
Rep. Moran (D-VA-8) (208)
Rep. Boucher (D-VA-9) (246)
Rep. Scott (D-VA-3) (355)

Gosh, Howling Latina did not realize how much weight my own congresswoman had in Washington; and all the more reason why Shawn O'Donnell must win his race against Jo Ann Davis in the 1st district. Only 1 point separates Jo Ann from her better known Republican namesake, Tom Davis.

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