Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thank you, Gov. Kaine

Only an hour or so before Percy Walton was scheduled to be executed at Greensville Correctional Center in Virginia, Gov. Tim Kaine granted a stay of execution.

As Howling Latina noted in an earlier post at The Virginia Progressive, medical experts have testified in court that Walton is insane.

Moreover, he only has an IQ of 66; but the Supreme Court early this evening refused to intervene; and the only person with authority to stop the execution did so, thank God.

Gov. Kaine granted a temporary stay of execution by delaying the ultimate punishment until Dec. 8, 2006; he wants to study the issue of Walton’s mental state.

This time around, medical experts without a dog in the fight will undoubtedly testify what every person involved in the case already knows. Walton is criminally insane and mentally retarded.

Thank you, governor, for your mercy within the law!

Agreed. Gov. Kaine did the right thing. Thank God.
Isn’t is bizarre that if a person is deemed too slow in their thinking, or crazy as a loon, our society hesitates to execute them? Sometimes we hear debates over whether the condemned is feeling well enough to be put to death.

What find of twisted thinking is that?

Yes, I’m a death penalty foe. And, I say the pure absurdity of one not being healthy or smart enough to be killed by the state is like living in Kafka story.
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