Monday, June 26, 2006

Recap Quotes about Webb & Senate Race

Larry Sabato, political guru:

"On paper, this is a real race, for logical reasons," said Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia. "I look at a variety of polls, and they tell me that voters are rendering a judgment on George Allen. Voters really don't know Jim Webb yet."
Joe Klein, political columnist of Time and MSNBC and Chris Matthews, "Hardball" host:

Mr. KLEIN: The two Senate races I'm most looking forward to in the fall are in Virginia, where Jim Webb, former Republican, pugilist tough guy, is taking on George Allen. I really want to watch that debate. But the one I'm really
interested in...

MATTHEWS: I want to moderate it.
Col. Steve Flaherty, state police commissioner on Allen's political flyer with the senator and six Virginia state troopers.

"Our people are usually around when significant events go on and they like to have their pictures taken with leadership. Unfortunately, sometimes they (the pictures) get used in that fashion," Flaherty said in an interview.

"We don't endorse candidates and we try very hard to walk a fine line," he said.
Oh, and what would a list of quotes be without a little swiftboating by nervous Allen GOP hacks.

So here's a quote from David Holman of American Spectator about Jim Webb's problem; and yep, it's a retread smear from the 2000 Bush campaign about John McCain.

[T]he description that best fits Webb is of one who found that when the going gets tough, one sulks, throws a tantrum, whines to the press and quits.


A hair trigger temper [with] difficulty keeping in check.
Well, here's a little analysis from Howling Latina.

When you have a war hero as a political opponent and can't besmirch his service to country; or a former U.S. Naval Academy lecturer and can't disparage his intellect; guess you go for the jugular and attack the only thing left to you, his mental state.

Hmmm, judging from Webb's early opposition to the Iraq quagmire, HL would say Webb's mental state is sound as a whistle.

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