Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Osama binLaden Hearts Bush

In a stunning revelation, Ron Suskind, award winning journalist and author of "One Percent Solution," told Wolf Blitzer in an interview at "The Situation Room" that CIA analysts concluded bin Laden was very happy Bush II was re-elected in 2004.

Only days before the election, a bin Laden tape surfaced that stopped the Kerry momentum from Bush's ruinous performances during the debates dead on its track.

Perhaps its release date was not accidental.

Readers can see the video of the Suskind interview at Crooks and Liars.

"What the CIA had learned over nearly a decade is that bin Laden speaks only for strategic reasons and those reasons are debated with often startling depths inside the organization's leadership. Today's conclusion: bin Laden's message was clearly designed to assist the president's re-election."


The question, the key question, is what it is it about America's war on terror that is such that bin Laden would want it to continue and Bush to continue conducting it?

You see, boys and girls, it's really not that difficult. Osama loyalists attack America. America reacts and attacks Afghanistan; and then over-reaches and attacks Iraq.

Now, caught in a perpetual quagmire, the United States has already spent more than $300 billion with no end in sight; and more than 2500 soldiers have also been killed.

Not too shabby; couldn't have panned out any better for a man whose core aim was to extract maximum amount of pain and suffering from his enemy.

America, you've duped and conned by the neocons. The question is, are you going to stay the course set by bin Laden machinations; or are you going to change course to policies that make sense for America?!?

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