Saturday, June 10, 2006

National Blogger Duped

A top national blogger has been duped by the Miller hooknose story!

Last night, Raw Story led above the fold with the following lede, “Jewish stereotyping charged in Sen. race.”

By this morning, the lede and story were below the fold and read, “Jewish slur in Virginia Senate race?”

An improvement, but why does this phony baloney outrage merit any space?!?

Webb supporters, you may want to write Raw Story and ask them to pull this non-story off their site; and tell them how Miller is using fabricated outrage to distract from the real story, a tsunami of James Webb support from national and local Democratic leaders is drowning out Miller’s message.

And while you're at it, you may also want to drop a line to the good folks at the Richmond Times-Dispatch; they’re back to their pro-Miller nasty spinning, looking for maligned victims without a cause.

I thought that Marc Fisher's Washington Post blog article, "Low Blows and Hook(noses)" dealt with the issue very well. I've contacted Raw Story and pointed them to the Fisher story and added my own comments as well.

This Miller complaint seems to ride on the way the cartoonist drew the nose in the leaflet. And it seems there are plenty of pics indicating that the illustrator did an accurate representation.

This is a point of considerable amusement to me. As the possessor of a classic "Roman nose" some who are not of latin ancestry might imagine my nose is large. I do not.

In fact, I note that some in the popular press have grossly exaggerated the size of Roman noses in their cartoons depicting people of latin ancestry. Based on the "Miller precedent" I wonder whether I should now denounce this as tangible evidence of anti-latin bigotry?

Whuddya think Mimi?
I think Miller is full of crap.

And after more phone banking for Webb and listening to the lies Miller supporters are telling folks, I can understand why with each passing day, poor Lowell hates Miller more and MORE!
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