Saturday, June 03, 2006

Larry Sabato on Miller and Webb

Sweet and succinct, here's what Larry Sabato, nationally acclaimed political analyst from the University of Virginia has to say about the Virginia Senate race in his latest update.

The Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate is Tuesday, June 13; it is a real horse race between Harris Miller and Jim Webb. National Democrats almost unanimously view Webb as the strongest nominee, who can give Senator George Allen a tough fight in November. But, Miller may be running the more effective primary campaign, though it probably won't help him in the fall. This primary could go either way, and Allen has a clear stake in the outcome.

Indeed, so why in the hell did Fred Hiatt's Washington Post endorse Harris Miller?!?

The ONLY reason Virginia is even listed as "Likely Republican" is because of Jim Webb; if he loses in the primary, expect Virginia to move down to "Solid Republican."

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